Crhackers is a software house based in Foligno, Italy. We are your partner for turning bold ideas into excellent, brand-focused user experiences. With our expertise in software craftsmanship we build today’s most complex and refined apps and custom softwares, offering you a reliable and scalable nearshoring solution.

custom software development

You need your software to work for you, not the other way around. We listen to your specific needs and build the right solution for your business processes.

cloud computing & servers

Facilitates full access to software tools. We love to keep it simple, useful and specifically built on your workloads. We give you the freedom to design and configure any virtual data center architecture you can think of.



No cultural barriers or time zone problems. We assist you in taking the best decisions for your business and share with you all our working steps.

Native IOS & Android mobile apps

Optimise your workflow, increase your productivity or mobilise your existing IT systems. Our apps are made to give new opportunities, with a strong focus on kick-ass design and user-friendly interfaces.

data security

We have experience in working with companies ranging from startups to big corporate brands. We are ready to work with your sensitive data and keep it secure. We can guarantee safe transactions with the blockchains technology, a step forward in the field of online business.

integrated teams

To ensure the quality and consistency of the project, our designers and coders will work side by side from the start to the end of the process. This will ensure knowledge sharing and testing of new ideas across competencies.

best practices

We provide thorough quality assurance, high availability and scalable hosting, 24/7 support and proactive monitoring.

Crhackers is a tech startup born in 2017 from the lucky marriage of Pomodoro and Cobaltica. The first one is an advertising agency focused on multimedia products, the second one is a web agency with a solid experience in coding and server managing. They’re both active from more than a decade and yes, they love their new creature.

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CRHACKERS S.R.L. sede legale: via  sterpete 7, Foligno (06034), tel: 0742 450 489 , sede operativa:Via La Louvière 2, Foligno (06034), tel: 0742 321 231 P.iva 03537290540
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